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Last update: 2021-02-13
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Bryan Hedges
26 Followers   1 Review
Last Update: 2019-09-25
I have seen solid growth and constant payments since day 1.

What I Like

I like the ease of the program and the down-line builder

I love the matching commissions in the bronze matrix

I really like the up-line support and the fact that I can have a personal relationship with both Co-owners

Plus support is 100% on the ball

I like that we can Pay It Forward for our new members if they need help

I like that folks can make a really great income

What I Dislike

For many people with a do nothing get rich mentality it will be a little frustrating as they will have to do some work.

There can be a little confusion between the Two matrices

- Bronze is a One time pay with 100% matching bonus

- Platinum is a One Time $50 then $25 per month.

However monthly unpaid members can still earn 50% of the matrix commissions

One other thing some people may find hard, is payments are via Crypto Currencies and ORU. However people setting up an ORU account from their back office can then fund their back offices by credit/debit cards as required.

Final Verdict

I love matrix programs. I used to design compensation plans and Crypto Pros is what I call a True matrix Plan with the members interests at heart.

We are Paid per entry that enters the system. We don't have to wait for a line or level to complete.

I am very happy to have Crypto Pros in my portfolio and I am confident is sharing this with others seeking to build a Home Based business.
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Jim Stemen
1 Review
Last Update: 2018-12-30
Crypto Pros has a lot of things going for it. It is only $2 to get your first position. This $2 will make you an active member for life. There is 100% matrix matching bonus. This means when someone in your downline purchases an ad pack you receive $2 as well. There is a Pay It Forward, PIF, list. You can literally buy your downline from the PIF list. Or you can start for no cost by joining the PIF list. These are all good things. Each $2 position that you purchase will fill your own matrix, by stacking.

Here are the things that I don't like. The ads that you get with each position are only shown on the crypto pros page. Most people are there trying to make money, not looking for opportunities. My text and banner ads got about 12 hits each for my first ad pack. This is not a great return. You will not earn unless you build a downline. There is no earning potential for being active on the platform.

You one-time purchase for a lifetime, doesn't really mean much. For your first $2 you get one text and one banner ad for 14 days, membership, and nothing else unless you grow your downline. With the PIF list you can grow your downline but it will cost you.

After signing up you have 14 days to buy an ad pack, then you are automatically placed on the PIF list. To me, this means that people on the PIF list may have no intention of ever working the system. It could be a waste of your $2. You would get the $2 back as the matching bonus but this is not profit. You are just even.

I know a lot of people are pushing this system. If you are really great at recruiting and will continue to do it for the foreseeable future you will have good luck. Or if you keep putting in more money you will get money out but not much profit from what I see.

This program is not at the top of my list.
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Last Update: 2020-01-01
Crypto Pros is a matrix investment site. There are two different matrix options, a $2 and a $50. Both are 2 x 20 forced matrix configuration. I chose the $2 option because I think more people will take a chance on investing $2 than $50.

The site offers Text Ads, Banner Ads, and Full Page Ads on the site. There are more options for the people in the $50 matrix, than the $2 matrix.

I am able to see the contact info for my direct referrals, and usernames beyond that. If someone signs up as a direct referral to me, and does so for free, I have the option of moving them under one of my direct referrals. Moving these direct referrals down one level makes my matrix deeper, and helps my direct referrals fill in their matrix.

For my direct referral to keep them, they must PIF, (Pay It Forward), the new member I have transferred to them. I am able to transfer funds on the site to my direct referrals if I wish. I have transferred some funds to a couple of my direct referrals that I know personally, for them to PIF, others that I transferred to them.

The reason I transferred the funds to those direct referrals is because they did not have a CoinPayment or ORU Marketplace account to add money to their account to PIF anyone. These are currently the only payment options.

The PIF is an interesting option. People can join for free, and people in the $2 matrix can PIF, them into the $2 matrix. This option would allow someone to basically buy their downline if they didn't want to advertise.

The only way buying your entire downline in this situation could be profitable is if someone that was PIFed would advertise, or buy their downline. Personally, I think buying your downline defeats the purpose of the investment.

What I Like

I like the toon on the video on the referral page.

I like that it is a very low initial investment with great potential.

I like that I can transfer direct referrals to my direct referrals in some cases.

I like that I can transfer some funds to my direct referrals if I want to.

I like that I already had an ORU Marketplace Account when I found Crypto Pros.

What I Dislike

There are limited pay options. The main option is CoinPayments. The backup option is ORU Marketplace.

I wish there was the option to transfer any new direct referral to any existing direct referral. This would make it easier to help struggling direct referrals more.

Final Verdict

It hasn't had much time to grow yet. So far I think my ROI is about 600% in just a couple weeks.

It grows faster than my stock investments, so it was worth the initial investment.

I'm looking forward to the ROI of $90,000+ for my initial $2 invested.
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Mike Savage Jr.
82 Followers   1 Review
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Last Update: 2021-02-13
It has been real great from the start of the new up-dated program. Earning from a system that doesn't need active members gives you self success. Not only does just that, promote and earn even more in the 2x10 matrix system to earning even more income. It's a be plus overall and I'm liking what the program has to offer for both non-promoters and active team builders.

What I Like

No need to sponsor to earning income. Also the 2x10 matrix system works if your a team builder. Also the program is built in U. S. A.

What I Dislike

Doesn't has credit card deposit.

Final Verdict

Anyone world wide has the chance to be one of the first hundreds/thousands to start promoting to earning life long residual income. Starting with just $5.00 you can start earning your income back plus more.
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Nelson Da Silva
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Last Update: 2020-10-04
My experience with CP is its no good. The reason why I say its no good is because the owner/admin is a scammer indirectly. Not sure if any of you guys remember Mindy Davis from My adds up. MAU is a the direct scam. Mau admin (Mindy which I believe is fake) robbed all members of MAU, or at least the cash members had in accounts. Now the indirect scam from CP. Mindy closed down the site MAU, but she was in the leader boards as #1 for months. Admin of CP just kept accept stolen money so Mindy can keep her CP funded while she earned from CP. I don't haver proof that both CP admin and mindy are in bed together conjuring this scam, but I got scammed from Mau a lot of money, and while I lost all that money Mindy was #1 in the leaderbords for referrals, and investing/earning. So this is why I think CP is indirectly a scam. He accepts money from scammers and won't listen to those who are scammed even if they are his own members. He's actually told me its not his problem that mindy and MAU are scams, which I do agree its not his problem. But he should not be accepting money from scammer that robbed me. Ig I was admin, and proof was shown to me, I'd have Mindy account in CP frozen until this whole thing passes. And I would of used her funds to pay those who she robbed. But of course they would have to prove the dollar value of Mindy scam. But he'll accept anybody money no matter where it comes from. To me that is even worse than Mindy. Your probably wondering how is he supposed to know who scamming who? I got scammed , and I reached out to him to let him know and he didn't care and just bypassed me. So you may think he is safe but he will help scammers scam you, just he won't scam you directly, indirectly he has no problem, its others who are scamming he just accepts the $$$.

What I Like

If the admin was an honest person I really could be making earning with his site for me and him. But he chose a scammer over an honest worker. So there is nothing I like about it. To me its a scam waiting to happen if it hasn't already.

What I Dislike

Admin is a scammer indirectly.

Final Verdict

Never put my money in here. Admin is a scammer indirectly. He will accept scammed money from other.
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Carlos Anastacio
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Last Update: 2021-02-14
Crypto Pros was created by Frank Hester as a way for marketers to advertise their offers through crypto currency. Crypto Pros is an excellent way to promote your offers for a low one time cost. Over the years the platform has changed comp plan and total structure of the site, but the goal is still the same to offer quality traffic.

Recently Crypto Pros has launched a new comp plan and added more value , so you get more advertising for money.

They offer 10 different ad packages ranging from the lowest at $5 to the highest level of $50 one time. Obvious the more ad packs you buy the more exposure you get to your offers.

Here's what you get for the small investment of $5 ad pack.

  1. Login Ads
  2. Banner Ads
  3. Text Ads
  4. Shared Commissions
  5. Qualify to earn on Matrix Commissions
  6. Submit your program of choice

and much more.

What I Dislike about Crypto pros is that the credits for banners go really fast, but that's not a big deal because the real power behind Crypto Pros are the Login Ads. That's where you will get the most exposure to your recommended program.

Final Verdict is Highly recommend Crypto Pros to get targeted Buyer Leads looking at your offers. Everyone serious about their business should invest in quality traffic. This platform is here for the long run and it's not going anywhere. The owner is always available and honest person ready to help.
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