Insider Advertising Report

Chapter 1: Not All Ads Are Equal

There are many forms of online advertising but generally, we can classify them into 3 main types:

- Involuntary Advertising,

- Voluntary Advertising, and

- Incentive Advertising.

Involuntary Advertising

Involuntary Advertising refers to any advertising solution that forces prospects to look at your website involuntarily.

It includes showing your website in the form of pop-up, pop-under or showing you site first before showing the actual site, as in the ads in Adfly and SoManyHits.

Involuntary advertising solution is probably the most challenging form of advertising because it is obtrusive and usually the traffic is less targeted.

Most people close those uninvited pages as soon as they see them.

Voluntary Advertising

Voluntary Advertising refers to any advertising solution where prospects make a conscious effort to visit your website.

This form of advertising includes Google Adwords, Facebook ads, banner advertising, classified, article marketing and sponsored forum posts.

Prospects first see your ad, then click it to visit your website.

It is more targeted and the qualities of the prospects are usually better since they consciously choose to view your website.

The only problem is since it's on a voluntary basis, you may not get much traffic to your website, not to mention conversion or sales.

Incentive Advertising

Incentive Advertising refers to any advertising solution where prospects are rewarded to view your website. The reward may be in monetary terms, credits or points that can be exchange for more traffic to their websites.

This form of advertising includes paid to read email, paid to surf and traffic exchanges.

The advantage of such advertising solution is that although the intention of the prospects are questionable, at least you get a chance to show your offer in front of them.

As the profile of the traffic usually includes people interested in making money, self improvement, business opportunities and traffic, if you have a good offer that matches this interest group, you can usually get quite a good response.

The disadvantage is the higher level of difficulty in selling to this group of people. This means you need to be a more sophisticated advertiser, which is what this report is all about! is a hybrid of voluntary and incentive advertising. Although we reward our members to click ads, members choose which ad to click based on their own interest. Also, LeadsLeap ads are shown in thousands of traffic exchanges and blogs. That means our advertisers will receive traffic beyond LeadsLeap network.
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Chapter 01: Not All Ads Are Equal
Chapter 02: Why Advertising Doesn't Work
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Chapter 07: Content (Part 1)
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Chapter 10: How To Advertise An Affiliate Product
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Chapter 14: How To Advertise A Blog
Chapter 15: How To Be Creative In Your Next Ad
Chapter 16: How To Guarantee Success In Advertising (Bonus Chapter)
Chapter 17: How To Build An Online Business That Lasts (Bonus Chapter)