This is a game changer – LeadsLeap Social Review

I am excited to announce our new system called “LeadsLeap Social Review”.

It is going to be a game changer!

As the name suggests, LeadsLeap Social Review is a collection of reviews from our members on programs that they have joined.

Why Share Review?

1) Signups

As you share a review, you will also enter your affiliate link for that program.

The link will be rotated among other added links.

When people learn about the program and join, they will join under one of the rotated links, which can be your link.

2) More Signups

In this system, you can set up your top 5 recommendations. These recommendations will go with every of your review.

The more reviews you submit, the more often your top recommendations will be seen.

If your review is trustworthy, readers will be curious to find out what other programs you recommend.

When they join via your recommendation, you get the leads.

3) Help Others To Make Better Decisions

LeadsLeap Social Review is a place where members share what works and what doesn’t work.

It doesn’t matter whether you are sharing a positive or negative review. Your link will be rotated as long as you share a true review.

On the contrary, by being honest and sensible in your review, readers are more likely to trust you. When they trust your judgement, they will be interested to check out your top recommendations.

It is a win-win situation.

LeadsLeap Social Review is a simple concept, but the potential is tremendous.

The Potential – Search Engine Domination

The review site is search engine friendly. (You can take a look at it here.)

It may be bare now. But as members add their reviews, this site will become vibrant.

Every product has its dedicated review page.

Note that these are genuine reviews from people who have joined the program. It is exactly what people are searching for in the search engines.

If we play the game right, these review pages will rank high in the search engines.

Once you have your link added, it is going to be rotated in the system 24/7.

Imagine the potential of this…

This is truly a set and forget system.

The best part is, the system will just get stronger and strong over time.

How To Ensure The System Doesn’t Become A Junk Comment Site?

There are 3 levels of quality assurance.

1) Every submission will be reviewed.

2) Visitors can report any review with a click.

3) Last but not least, the system offers no incentive for members who write useless reviews. A good review will built trust, resulting in visitors exploring their recommendations. A poor review will simply chase the visitors away to read another review.

How To Start

1) Go to Add Reviews and add all the affiliate links of the programs you’ve tried, including your LeadsLeap affiliate link, and share your experience about the programs.

If you have no review now, you can leave the review section blank. You can always add the review later.

2) Go to My Top Recommendations and set up your top 5 recommendations.

3) Go to Explore Reviews regularly to see what people review and find out what are the popular programs.

32 thoughts to “This is a game changer – LeadsLeap Social Review”

  1. As Always Kenneth you have come up with another great idea! I always look forward to what you have in store for us next! For all the years I’ve been here, LeadsLeap is one of the only programs that I continue to use and trust with regularity. I’m so Grateful to be able to take part in LeadsLeap and all of our wonderful features!

  2. This is a great idea! I am sure this will get a lot of attention. Knowing that it is still in “Beta”, I have sent in a support ticket to ask you to check that the links are rotating for the reviewers as it appears they are not – only one affiliate link rotates with the main company link. Thanks for all you do, Kenneth!

    1. Thanks for the error report. To clarify, it was rotated among the added links. But there was a bug which causes the system to rotate to a missing link, hence the rotator redirect to the main company link as a backup. The bug has been fixed.

  3. Great idea to build on. I would be 300x more excited than now, if each primary review shown, out of the rotated list, had the title of the reviewed site open to a separate seo optimized page and included our ad widgets. It would help to also provide a comments section. Plus, it could include info and a video on Leadsleap and our affiliatel link. There on each page, near the bottom, could be a link to see the other reviews too, similar to how it looks on Amazon. Then those reviews could open to separate pages. More pages would mean more SE traffic and clicks.

    1. Hi Ralph,

      1. You can go to the reviewed site by clicking the “#number Reviews” link under the rating. It is an active link. If you have logged in, the ad widget will be linked to your account. You will be credited when you click it.

      2. Good idea on the comment section. We will include in the near future.

      3. We are reluctant to allow html code in the review (which will than enable video and hyperlinks) because we do not want the system to become a link spam. But slowly, we may allow it.

      4. Amazon style of linking to other reviews may be added in the future. The system has just started. Need more reviews first.

      Thanks a lot for all the suggestions. :)

  4. This is Definitely an Awesome opportunity to increase the Leadsleap Brand and bring more traffic sales and signups to the leadsleap membership. Great Addition to the already packed with value toolbox here at leadsleap. Kudos

  5. LeadsLeap keeps getting better and better. Kenneth is always on the lookout to find new ways to help us improve our income, either with our LeadsLeap account or any other program we may be affiliated to.

    Thanks Kenneth!

  6. Kenneth, you did it again. I started with LeadsLeap as a FREE member and the more I became accustomed to the system the more I love it. I became a PRO member shortly after learning the in’s and out’s of the system, and I hope remain a PRO member always. Kenneth, Keep up the good job and I wish you Much Success with Leadsleap.

    1. The link is already working. But there is a BETA logo there. It’s better to inform them that it is still in Beta. You can tell them that we will have a mini launch event. If they want to be in that event, join early ;) Otherwise, you can promote it at the launch.

  7. This new Social Review is exciting and has indeed lots of potential! – it would be awesome to have search bars or mini search engines ? so anyone can keyword search for any program reviews & offers in the case of ads. What you guys reckon ?! :D Cheers

  8. Hey, Kenneth!

    Thank you for bringing this awesome feature into LeadsLeap. I really look forward to contributing.

    But… I have to ask the following:

    If one have a website or blog and have had published numerous reviews who are already ranking in Google search engine, how could one use those reviews here on LeadsLeap Social Reviews?

    Considering copy/paste method is not an option I wonder how to utilize existing reviews to get even more exposure? Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

    Keep up the great work.


    1. You should write another review. Your blog is a detailed review with probably images etc. LeadsLeap review is more like a summarized version. But you should add your blog as one of your top recommendation, in fact, your TOP recommendation. And in your review of your own blog, say that you have more reviews on your blog. Encourage readers to go to your blog.

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