A New Way To Verify Your Unverified List

It’s been some time since we launched SendSteed autoresponder service. One question that I have been asking myself is

How can I reduce the number of unverified subscribers in your list?

As you know, we adopt double opt-in in SendSteed. It is necessary in order to protect the integrity of our mail server.

But with double opt-in system comes unverified emails.

After much thought, these are the measures we’ve taken to help you reduce the number of unverified emails.

1) Better Instruction After Optin

When a person opts-in, instead of seeing an alert message like this:

the subscriber will now see this:

The notification will be customized with your name and the subject of the verification email, just like the way the subscriber will see when he checks his email.

So he knows exactly what to look for.

If he fails to receive the email, he can click the red button to have the verification email resent to the same or a different email address.

2) Verify the subscribers using email broadcast

Another measure I’ve taken is to create a ‘subtle verification process’.

This is how it works.

All you have to do is send a broadcast to the unverified subscribers. (This is a Pro Member feature.)

When the subscribers open the mail or click a link in the mail, their email addresses will become verified automatically!

To send a broadcast to the unverified subscribers, just go to broadcast and set up the email as usual, but under ‘Audience’, choose Unverified Subscribers.

What kind of broadcast should you sent?

If asking people to opt-in is ‘asking for a date’, then sending of these broadcasts is ‘courting’.

You want to send something of values, perhaps a free gift that they can download. This will invoke a link click, which will get their email address verified. (Note: opening of email will also get their email address verified, but some email apps block in mail tracking, if so, the only way to get them verified is with a link click.)

You can send up to 4 broadcasts to unverified subscribers in a month.

The broadcasts can have the same content, but different subjects. The reason is quite simple. If they have read your previous broadcasts, they would have been verified and should not receive your subsequent broadcasts. The fact that they still receive your broadcast suggests that they didn’t open your previous broadcasts. They might have seen the subject but they didn’t open the mail. So it makes sense to vary the subject.

3) Set Up Recurring Broadcast

Okay, so now you know that you can verify your list with a broadcast. Are you going to send the broadcast again and again?

Definitely no!

It’s a task that can be automated, so it should be automated.

So we introduce ‘Recurring Broadcast‘. (This is also a Pro Member feature.)

How it works it simple.

When you set up a broadcast, you will see a ‘Repeat Broadcast‘ option (see arrow 1 below, note it’s arrow 1, not 2.).

Choose how often you want to repeat the broadcast and the last date of the broadcast. (If you do not enter a last date, the system will automatically set it to 12/12/2099, which basically means forever.)

You’ll still set up the Broadcast Time (arrow 2 above). The Broadcast Time determines the first broadcast. Then subsequent broadcasts will be based on the ‘Repeat Broadcast‘ settings.

With this feature, all you have to do is set up some high-value broadcasts, and schedule them to be sent out to the Unverified Subscribers periodically. That’s it.

I believe these measures are enough to make sure that anyone who is genuinely interested in what you offer is a verified subscriber in your list.

22 thoughts to “A New Way To Verify Your Unverified List”

  1. Hi Kenneth,
    This is the great feature for SendSteed!

    I have never seen this, I can send email to unverified subscribers.
    I will be great way to increase subscriber base..

    Thanks for great feature. Keep doing great WORK for us!

    1. Just to be clear, we only allow a maximum of 4 emails a month to unverified subscribers. It’s not unlimited amount of emails to unverified subscribers, otherwise it will defeat the purpose of double opt-in. If a subscriber is not verified within a month, the email will be deleted. So practically, every unverified subscriber can only receive a maximum of 4 broadcasts from you.

      1. Suppose the person verifies himself in the 1st broadcast, he will then stop receiving other programmed broadcast mails with the same intent, right?

      2. Hey Kenneth,
        Technically, if an email is unverified, it means there’s a 50-50% that the subscriber is not interested. So, ethically speaking, you should mention in the email, what will happen in case they clicked on a link or that they’re now considered subscribed, and plus, a link should be provided for them to unsubscribe if they want to.

        The idea is awesome if we take this into consideration.

        Thank you,


        1. Yes I totally agree, the verification email has mentioned that they are now subscribed. In that email, we provide 2 links. 1 link is a verification link to verify the email. Second is an unsubscribe link (normal link in the email message, not a small footer) for them to unsubscribe if the email is sent by mistake or they are not interested.

          Then, in the broadcasts to unverified emails, like all other broadcasts, there is an unsubscribe link at the footer.

          Lastly, we are not talking about being able to broadcast to unverified emails forever. Each unverified subscribe will only receive a maximum of 4 broadcasts. If they do nothing, they will still be deleted from the list after 1 month.

  2. Awesome Kenneth!

    Of course sometimes they are unverified because they entered something like aa@aaa.aaa with name qwertyuiop!!

    One suspects these people never really wanted to be contacted anyway…lol!

    For the life of me I will never understand why people do this, but it happens an awful lot.

    The lengths some people will go to in order to NOT hear from you!! Did no one tell them that the unsubscribe link works just as well!

  3. I had a solo ad go out that had 60 optins but got only 2 active subscribers out of it. The rest were unverified. I requested more broadcast and you can through. thanks for adding this feature. I think it will be a world of difference. I’m lovin Leads Leap

    Thanks kenneth

    Steve Crowley

  4. Thank you for your information on how to broadcast and verify email. You are always giving your members instructive information.

  5. Thank you Kenneth, I’ve never seen an autorepsonder that offered this service. I think it’s awesome. I also totally understand 4 being the limit, people get tons of email.

    1. You have two accounts with us, one with a wrong email address. I have replied your email some days ago when you contacted us. Did you receive it? If not, please contact our support again but make sure you use an email address that is reachable.

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