My Best Kept Secrets To Increase Web Site Traffic From Scratch

Helping you to increase your web site traffic has always been my top priority and today, I’m going to share with you my best kept secrets to increase web site traffic from scratch.

Like many of you, I started my career in internet marketing with little knowledge, no JV partner, no internet marketing friend and I didn’t pay thousands of dollars to attend any seminar on internet marketing. I started from scratch, learning the ropes by reading tons of ebooks and email newsletters (blog wasn’t popular when I started online).

So I believe whatever web site traffic strategy that works for me will work for you.

My Most Important Web Site Traffic Strategy

My most important web site traffic strategy is viral marketing.

Viral marketing is a huge topic by itself and it encompasses many different strategies, including viral ebook, viral software, affiliate program, tell-a-friend system and even list building.

Before I even start thinking about the details of any new web site, the first question I will ask myself is “How can I multiply my initial traffic into more traffic?” If I can’t get a good answer to this question, I will not build the web site at all. (Clarification: I’m referring to mega web sites like LeadsLeap, not those little Adsense or affiliate web sites that rely on search engine traffic.)

The whole idea of viral marketing is that you want people to tell other people about your website.

You may think all you need is an affiliate program. If you do, you are dead wrong! Just because you are having an affiliate program doesn’t mean that people will start spreading the words. In most cases, they won’t!

The key in viral marketing is to create a buzz in the community. You need to position your new web site in such a way that there is some novelty in it, something that will make people say “Hey, it sounds interesting” or “Hey, this is something new”. If you can do that, together with a good supporting system such as an affiliate program, your web site will spread like wild fire.

Next, You Need Web Site Traffic Starter

I derive the term Traffic Starter from Fire Starter. When you set up a fire, you need fire starters. Similarly, if you want  your website to spread like wild fire, you need a traffic starter, which is the initial traffic to your website.

Can you imagine what will happen if you burn lots of fire starters but you fail to put some charcoal around them? Yes, you get some initial fire but it soon dies.

In the case of web site traffic, the charcoal is the viral marketing components. That’s why I say viral marketing is the most important web site traffic strategy. You MUST have that in place before even thinking about where to get your initial traffic.

Am I clear on this point?

Ok next, where do you get the initial traffic?

Frankly, it really doesn’t matter where you get the initial traffic, as long as the traffic you receive are targeted.

When finding the initial web site traffic, an important question to ask yourself is “Where can I find people who are interested in my web site?” Whatever answer you get, go there and find ways to channel the traffic to your website.

It could mean you have to pay some money to advertise. It could also mean you have to write to some website owners and strike out some JV deals.

When I first started, I had no JV contact and I got all my initial traffic from advertising. I spent quite a bit on advertising (5 figures to be exact), but I soon earned back the money because I put a lot of “charcoal” around my traffic starter. Get the idea?

That’s really my main secret to increase web site traffic and I hope you get the gist of it.

43 thoughts to “My Best Kept Secrets To Increase Web Site Traffic From Scratch”

  1. Definitely viral marketing, but if I had to start from scratch I would do exactly what you describe in this post. Marketers have to realize at some point they may have to spend some money on “Targeted Advertising” to help them get going, then the viral(Charcoal) should take care of itself. :-)

  2. I like to use splash pages on traffic exchanges, free or very cheap classified and ezine ads, and ppc for traffic starters. That traffic is then sent to a squezze page for some sort of viral giveaway such as Affiliate ID manager to both build the list and generate some viral action.

    1. I’m very interested in this reply. Can you tell me specifically where you go to find free or very cheap classified and ezine ads that have been effective for you? I’m still new to this and having trouble digging through everything that is out there and finding avenues that look like they will provide results.

      1. Hi Tina,

        I also have spent a LOT of time looking into free or very low cost ways of getting traffic…quite simply because I couldn’t afford to spend a lot on advertising. I had (and still have) more TIME than MONEY. So it might take a little longer to get that ball rolling, but CONSISTENCY is the key. If you are committed to finding ways that will actively get you going in the right direction, then you WILL succeed.

        Being in LeadsLeap is one way to attract traffic – their giveaways are a great way to get people to “opt-in” – so make sure you use that rebrandable ebook and make yourself an optin (squeeze) page. I can tell you how I finally did it if you want an easy way to do that…

        Here is a place to get started – 20 Free Advertising Methods – my newest creation – hope you enjoy it.


        1. Hello guys I have got my own classified site and not yet launched yet, but if you guys at leadsleap interested i can give you a permanent paid link at any of your choice category for 1$ per ad, I am just offering this because i love this blog,

          Anyway if you want to contatc me , mail me at info(at)postadsonnet(dot)com


  3. Hi Kenneth

    Very well put and yes viral is definatley the way to go as there is no antibiotic for it ;-)
    Although TE’s can generate some traffic most people are there just for the credits to get raffic themselves and not an easy task to pull them away from clicking, That being said if you do manage to pull them away then they are highly targeted and in the case of squeeze pages already on your list ;-)
    I have also found banner exchanges can be quite effective as well then like Kenneth says it is all about the charcoal :-)

    Wishing you success

  4. Its nice to get justification for one’s own thinking. Just finished putting together (provided it all works ;-) my own version of a real world viral system, which effectively has a built in paid but without any direct cost (?) “Viral Starter”.

    To give it a boost I’m in the process of buying some cheapish manual only traffic exchange traffic as well as I think my system would target this audience very well. This type of traffic is ok in massive volumes and should basically offer the surfer a way to advertise their existing primary business, because, generally speaking, the only reason they are on traffic exchanges is to accumulate credits for their own reasons.

    Wish me luck


  5. Well said Kenneth! Newbies often wish to have a push-button easy method to make money online. From my experience, I can tell you that no such instant profits method exists! And if it does exist, then no one will ever do the mistake of sharing it. So let’s face it..there is no shortcut to success. Let us focus on adding value while we live our online-lives…
    Article marketing is the cheapest & most effective way to drive traffic. Combine it with viral marketing & list building & we have a winner!

    1. Thank you Kenneth for a good article again. I can’t wait to post this great article to my blog quickly. I think I will do it now :)

      I agree with you, Niranjan Ranade, I strongly agree article marketing is one of the most effective way to drive traffic to any website. Yes, also viral marketing & list building too. I must add also directory submission can be very effective for backlinks to yr website too. Not forgeting niche forums and Solo Ads ezine marketing are great too.

  6. While methods for obtaining web site traffic are good, methods for converting web site traffic into sales is better. I say this to suggest that its important to not lose site of the fact that traffic generation, whether through viral marketing or any other method, should not be viewed as the end itself but only the means to the end. Perhaps I’m stating the obvious, but I always like to reinforce the point that…Traffic generation and the collection of contact info to build a list are exercises in futility in the absence of conversion. Word to the wise.

    Until we correspond again…

  7. Thanks Ken For Sharing Your Wisdom,

    As a beginner it is a tough gig to follow, I know I’m still learning the gist of it yet today! However; when we have experience fellows as Kenneth and Wayne Brooks that are able to share their uphill battles and wisdom, it does make for a better road for all beginners to follow. So my Thanks goes out to all the ones providing valuable Information that gives the beginners a leading edge to building their own Internet empire.

    God Bless Everyone,

    Your Friend In Business;
    James Allen Pauley-Barker

  8. Hello Kenneth:
    So far I have read alot of ebooks and newsletters about getting traffic to our websites or affiliate links. Unfortunately, there is not a magic formula. Reality shows us that the best targeted traffic is thru PPC and organic search results. The first, not cheap at all. The cost increases while time goes by. The second, well, a result of the SEO techniques that not everybody dominates. So, the other methods can be effective in the long run, after working hard, and giving a great amount of time. I’d like to know now or in the near future a simple and free or very cheap method to obtaining high quality targeted traffic. Is there any?

    Jesus Moreno

  9. thanks for the article

    i am wanting to run a viral marketing campaign on my site and would actively promote it… i understand that most of the traffic won’t be targeted but the growth potential in them is awesome..

    i have a website on how to increase your targeted web traffic and each week i have information, how-to guides, tips and videos on traffic generation. Visit here

  10. Viral marketing is so powerful that it makes the search engines look small and insignificant in comparison. Even link exchanges, as powerful as they can be, wilt into oblivion in comparison. However, to make money using viral marketing is another thing. You need a product and you need to give it away free! I must be mad – how do you make money by giving it away free? Well, a good example is Ken’s Affiliate ID Manager and another is my book, Gateway 2 Wealth.
    Best wishes

  11. Every time I check my emails, I always looking for your emails. I’m very exited when I see your email in my Inbox, Why? Because I learn every time you send me an email to see your new post at this blog.

    Thank You…keep the good work!

    Maria Ines/TeamGDI Pro

  12. Very wonderful article. As with most people, I have more time than cash; which means I largely depend on free advertising. However, I’ve realized that consistency in whatever methods you use is very crucial. Business on the internet is not an overnight success venture. A lot of handwork and consistency is needed. But I believe that when everything finally ‘comes together’, it is the most rewarding venture one can be in. Don’t we all admire myspace? Well, another thing, timing is of essence. Hotmail, yahoo, google, myspace, facebook, etc were all started at the turn of various technologies or societal habits. If you can get this ‘turn’, don’t hesitate, run with it (and the big boys will want to buy you out). Anyway, check out my site at

  13. Great article! I am so excited since I have started my own home based business which is going to give me the financial freedom that I have been looking to enjoy. I am now on the way to making executive income and purchasing the home of my dreams.IF YOU would like to learn how to do the same check out my website @

  14. It amuses me how anyone could actually promote making money online as an easy thing. Even though it is a pain in the derrier to work for someone, there’s some comfort knowing that you don’t really have to pay for work (except your transportation investment). This post was a good example of how you still have to put in effort to make the money you hope to see someday. It sure put a twist on things for me!

  15. If I had to start all over again – I’d start my building my list FIRST,then send traffic to it,THEN promote my business(es) to my list.

    The problem is a lot of people join a program,or start a website,then start trying to drive traffic to it,usually from TEs -trouble is everybody on them is trying to do the same!

    When we start thinking about “How can I help others achiever THEIR goals” and “What do people need” then the success comes!

    Hint: Everbody needs TRAFFIC and LEADS!

  16. There is also another option – using traffic boosting system. ex. These softwares work on increasing the total pageviews, unique request and lowering alexarank.

    1. I guess getting targetted traffics that convert is of utmost importance. Getting 100 visitors per day (totalling 3,000 a month) but no sales is not encouraging I suppose.

  17. I have tried this for 3 years now and your explanation has simplified my work. I have to try this out immediately. I will post my results after implementing everything

  18. Wonderful post thanks so much, getting traffic still remain every website owner main concern and people spend huge amounts trying to get traffic.

    lf there was an on/off switch for targeted traffic, im sure many of us will turn it on.
    Really enjoyed

  19. One very efficient and long term way to build your site traffic is : drum roll please
    Gather up a few keywords pertaining to your site and write about those Keywords in reference to your site. Just a few points nothing lengthy. Create a jung video and talk about each point. Post the video to all the various video sites and then rinse and repeat. After about 30 days you will see the traffic coming.

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